bloom where you are shat out.

About five years ago, a bird flew over my garden. That bird, who we will call Thelma, shat in my garden. In her special delivery, there was a seed.

That seed became this tree.bloom where you are shat out

Somehow, this seed was dropped into the most visually perfect place in my garden.

I noticed it when it was just a sapling. I decided to let it stay and see what happened with it.

Five years later, this crap-apple is blooming! It is about 14 feet tall and didn’t cost me a dime. Once, the top third was sheared off in a storm and I was sure it would die. Nope! Just kept growing.

I think there is a lesson on life here for us. Five years ago, my life felt like crap. I was in an unhappy marriage that I was desperately trying to keep going. I felt like I was living outside myself, watching myself go through the motions of being a happy wife and mother but knowing that inside, I was dying a slow death.

Then circumstance shat me out. My ex asked for a divorce and 5 months later, I was a single mom.

I found myself in a new life, a new place. I felt like I was living in a pile of bird poo and wasn’t quite sure what would happen.

Three years later, I am like this crap-apple. Somehow I was dropped into a life that fits me perfectly and I have grown tall and begun to bloom. It’s never where I expected to find myself but yet I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for me!

Do you find yourself in a place that you never expected to be?

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