Hi. I’m Rachel Louwsma, a certified professional coach.

I’m also a strengths enthusiast, a developer of people and an igniter of sparks.
But really? My work is all about getting people excited and engaged about their lives.

I want to encourage and support people to push for excellence–for their BEST LIFE YET. It thrills me on every level!

Because life is beautiful and messy and the only way to love it is to engage with it!

On the professional side:

I have been coaching for over 8 years.

My professional coaching business, iSquared Coaching, focuses on improving engagement and relationships in the workplace. My philosophy is that since most of us need to work, why shouldn’t we make it amazing?

For more information, click the image below.

iSquared Coaching

On the personal side:

I am a single mom of two fun and awesome kids! I have been divorced since 2012. My divorce kicked off a journey to find my identity, my worth and my confidence. It has been a wild, dynamic and educational adventure!

I am certainly not done (are we ever?) but I have come far in my life as a single person.

My burning desire for my Living Fully Ever After business is that I can make a mark on your life and leave you forever changed for the better.

So poke around, read some blog posts, check out some Pinterest boards.

Want to chat about coaching or learn more about upcoming workshops? Got a great idea for a workshop? I’m ready to chat so call or email me!